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January Blahs

 As a person who is married to someone with seasonal affective disorder, it's so hard for me to be positive about the winter and January.  Of course things are further complicated by living in one of the snowbelts of Michigan.  I love it here,a nd it's home. But I dream about warmer weather, better jobs, not having to pay for healthcare, making a living full time as an adjunct teaching online, staying home with my Bug....

Ok, so I know these are crazy dreams.  I'm not much cut out for being a stay at home Mom, and the grass is always greener on the other side.  I find myself wanting to commiserate with someone though. Since having the Bug, I find there are few people I can talk to about what's really going on with being a parent.  I know that everyone else is going through the same thing.  Sometimes I wonder why I can't seem to "fake it til I make it" like they do.  Ah, the Mommy Wars!

I've been proud of the reading I've gotten done this month.  Six books is really an accomplishment for me.  I haven't taken notes on them, but I've read them.  They stay with me.  

I will keep on keeping on. I will go to work every day. I will come home and do the bedtime routine at night.  I will do the daytime routine on the weekend.  I will teach when I have time.  I will still dream of greener pastures.  I will do the best that I can. 


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