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I'm a horrible blogger

As much as I'd like to blog regularly, it's really hard for me.  I'm so busy and exhausted most of the time.  Other Moms will most likely understand this feeling.

I often wonder if I will become one of those Mom who horribly overschedules their children since I do this to myself. Maybe I will protect the Bug's time more than my own. I like to think that I will anyway. I am a firm believer in children having time to be children. I am also a firm believer in the power of imagination.  I have always been a person who can keep myself occupied. So far, the Bug is turning out to be much the same way. Maybe this will change as time goes on, I don't know.  Sometimes I feel like these kids who have every second of tjheir day filled up have no time to just be themselves and sit and daydream.   I was a big daydreamer.  I got A's (back then it was S+'s) on every report card, but every single one commented on my daydreaming.  I expect no less from the Bug.

I haven't had time to read since Thanksgiving.  I'm still waiting on the book that


and I are reading for our mini-bookclub.  Until then, I've started some spiritual reading: Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.  It's a really interesting look at Christianity, and praises the questioning of one's faith.  I like this approach, and it's interesting that this person lives in my hometown.  

This weekend I will make time for a cup of coffee and a trip to the bookstore.  That's my #1 goal.  Nothing else will get me into the holiday spirit.


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