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Reading Arrangements

For years Matt and I have resisted a TV in our living room, and have always kept it well populated with several bookshelves and a ton of books. However, now that Fast Eddie is into everything, and the bookshelves are huge and heavy, we have decided to make the jump to storing these shelves downstairs, and we are substituting with a TV table and TV.  We will still have two bookshelves in the office, and tonight have chosen which books that we absolutely must not be separated from by an entire floor.

In a way, it's the end of an era. However, I must not make it into something where I become this lazy TV watcher (although as you know I do enjoy stupid TV, and practically revel in a spare hour spent alone watching said stupidity).  Also, Fast Eddie must not become a fan of stupid TV like his Mummy, so I think being a role model will keep me honest.   Additionally, the madness will end with the 24" monstrosity that is already in the basement, and it must not get any larger.  Plus, we can live without any high definition- we have made it this far haven't we (and before you think I'm some sort of a snob about how high-brow I am, don't let me fool you. I count Tivo among my best friends.)?

So anyway, it will be interesting to see how this new arrangement works out.  I'll continue to cuddle up with Fast Eddie several times per day in the recliner in his room for story time (his current favorites are Good Morning, Good Night and Touch & Feel Baby Animals). Also, I'll continue to keep up my own reading routines, and to make sure Fast Eddie sees both his Daddy and Mummy reading OFTEN.



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